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Vapor Blasting Services


What is Vapor Blasting?


Vapor blasting is a surface cleaning and refinishing process that restores surfaces and efficiently removes contaminants. It is also known as wet blasting, vapor honing, liquid honing, or dustless blasting. The vapor blasting process includes utilizing pressurized water and abrasive blast media to finish a surface. It is also sometimes called slurry blasting, because the mix of blast media and water together is called a slurry. Slurry blasting involves the process of the abrasive media and water being pressurized together in a pressure pot. This is then shot through a blast nozzle and mixed with compressed air.



The cost of your vapor blasting project really depends on the size and condition of the parts. Some parts like clutches and some cylinders have complex areas that require more time. Blasting rate is $75/hr with a minimum charge of $40. Assembled projects such as engines and clutches that require disassembly will be charged regular shop rate of $90/hr along with blasting time.


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